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The sun rises at 3:58 and sets at 22:28

Laxarby Old Mill

Welcome Power plant

Water Power Plant

When Laxarby Mill was built in 1869, the mill was driven by the water's power. The mill is closed down since long, but the power of the water is used also today – now to produce electricity. A small water power plant is housed in the basement of the mill. The electricity produced is put out to the public power grid and contributes to the local electricity supply.

Facts about the power plant

Height of fall15,5 m
Power92 kW
Annual production400 000 kWh

Facts about environmental impacts

Because every kWh produced by water power in Sweden compensates a coal-fired kWh, this power plant annually spares the environment the following harmful emissions:

Carbon dioxide320 000 kg
Sulfur1 040 kg
Nitogen oxides920 kg
Slag and fly ash20 000 kg